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A Rare Opportunity to Receive - The Most Complete... Father Friendly Parenting Plan Available. Written by a Child Custody Expert

FATHERS BEWARE: Disputes Arising From Most Parenting Plans Can Land You In Court And Rob You Of The Most Important Things In Your Life:

          1. Time With Your Children
          2. Your Peace Of Mind
          3. Your Hard Earned Cash

A Parenting Plan (Custody Agreement) is the most important document you will file with your divorce. Your children's future, your rights as a parent and your peace of mind all depend upon it. And, it is required by the courts in every single state.

There Are Several Key Outcomes You Will Want To Accomplish With The Parenting Plan You File:

  • Protect your rights as a father and those of your children as well.
  • Keep your hard earned assets and cash for the benefit of your family rather than the legal system.
  • Maximize your possibilities of getting the parenting time (custody) arrangement you want by presenting the court with a clear, well-constructed, easy to understand, Parenting Plan and Child Support Agreement.
  • Minimize the potential for future conflict between you and your ex-partner.
  • Avoid putting your family through a traumatic and expensive court battle down the road.
  • Protect the most precious thing every parent wants the most - time: for your children, your work and your life.

If you can accomplish any of the key outcomes listed above you will have succeeded where many fathers fail. The design of your Parenting Plan is a critical factor in achieving these goals!

I know, because I've been there! Of course I've studied and learned a lot through traditional channels, but the majority of my experience comes from the school of hard knocks: custody evaluations, attorneys from hell (the one my ex hired to take my son from me), watching my son go through the most stressful time of his life, and dealing with the family court system head-on.

It wasn’t fun, but one thing I can assure you is that I did learn from my mistakes (and those of my first attorney). When my boy was 7 years old my ex-partner decided I was “unfit” to raise him (an ambiguous accusation you will hear banded about if you ever land in court with a vindictive ex). We then spent the next 2 1/2 years in a very nasty custody battle my ex initiated 3 years after we were divorced. Even though I won each of the issues she had attacked me on when they came up; my son became suicidal, my hard earned money was siphoned off for legal and other fees as fast as I could make it, and the stress was, at times, almost unbearable. Especially watching the pain my son was going through and feeling helpless in my attempt to navigate the divorce/custody maze (the family court system can make a turtle look like he’s got a rocket under his hood). And all because my first attorney did such a lousy job on the Parenting Plan she created for me.

I spent the next year studying how such a simple case could go so terribly wrong and that’s when I realized how important a well-thought out, carefully constructed, Parenting Plan and Child Support Agreement (Custody Agreement) was. One that features all of the essential points to ensure that you and your children come out ahead in your separation or divorce. Unlike the one I spent more than $1,000 for my attorney to draft.

Every state now requires parents to file a Parenting Plan when they legally separate or divorce. And, it's important to recognize that the Parenting Plan that you create and file with your local court is, without question, the most effective way to protect your rights and those of your children (without having to put you and your family through expensive and often times unnecessary litigation).

If I'd had a parenting plan such as this one to work with right from the start, I would have saved thousands of dollars in legal fees, and avoided going to court to fight for my most basic rights as a parent. And even more importantly, my kids would have been spared the never ending tension between me and my ex-wife during our custody battle.

Phil Wittenberg, California

Standing Up For Your Rights!

Hi, my name is Eric Karlson. Although I am a dad myself and an advocate of father rights, this agreement is NOT designed to take advantage of your spouse/ex-partner. It does, however, help to defend your rights as a dad and help protect the rights of your children to have a close, loving relationship with you. Unpleasant as it may be, and as a father who faces the Family Law System, you must first realize a critical unspoken reality: women are favored in the family courts of America (winning custody disputes 80% – 90% of the time)! You may read or hear that this is untrue and that the courts have shed their bias towards mothers and now treat fathers equally (and of course you are free to choose whatever you would like to believe). But I can assure you when parents cannot work together in deciding who will have the children when, thereby forcing the courts to make their decisions for them, like it or not, in the majority of custody cases; mom gets her way and wins custody of the kids. Without question, that is the reality of our current system. If you don’t believe me just talk with any man who has been to divorce court. The second step is to learn how your parenting plan can effectively overcome this disadvantage!

As the father of your children, in most states, you technically have the same legal rights as the mother. The difference is that often you must fight to maintain them. Is it worth it? Only you can decide. But remember, children need their dad just as much as they need their mom.

“Your parenting plan template was so easy to use even a computer novice like myself was able to finish it without any hassle. I just plugged in my family’s names, changed the numbers, added some specifics for my family's situation and it was done.”

Jason Williams, Georgia

You Have Three Choices When It Comes To Creating A Parenting Plan.

You can:

A. Design Your Own – Without prior experience and intensive research you will leave out many of the essential points that are crucial in protecting your rights as a father and those of your children as well.

B. Hire An Attorney To Write One – Having an attorney draft your parenting plan will cost at minimum $1,000 (likely much more) and there is still no guarantee that all the essential points will be included, or that it will be written in a clear, legible, easy to understand fashion (the courts hate ambiguity and will often make awards to the parent who provides them with a user friendly plan).

C. Save Time, Money and Frustration - You can download this well-thought out, easy to understand, Father Friendly Parenting Plan, which you can customize to fit your family's situation. You will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars with this Parenting Plan, and it comes with a full, no-hassles, 60-day money back guarantee.

As a father, the odds in a divorce are against you and you must prepare, or risk losing precious time and basic parental rights with your children! If you leave even one key point out of your Parenting Plan you may be forced into a court battle down the road to resolve the outstanding issue. This is not your best option. Smart dads choose knowledge, planning, and preparation as their allies.

In less than 10 minutes from now, you could be on your way to creating a solid, workable parenting agreement for you and your family.

You have a fantastic product! I just turned on the computer to continue working with the parenting plan template. I have never purchased information online before, and I will definitely say this was much better than I expected.

Jim Kilcoyne, Nebraska

10 Ways You Can Use This Parenting Plan:

1. Tool for Awareness and Protection. It's critically important to become aware of the key issues that could jeopardize your parenting rights as a father and those of your children as well. Unfortunately, children often become the pawns in a divorce or custody dispute and it's up to you to do everything possible to avoid this. Why? Because no one else is going to stand up to protect you and your children against a legal system gone awry. Plus, your ex-partner's attorney will most likely use every nasty trick he or she can to deprive you of your rights with your children! The Special Bonus Package that you receive offers practical, suggestions and possibilities that will help protect your rights as a father and counteract strategies or negotiating techniques that may either be used against you, or are not in your best interest.

2. Communication and Problem Solving. More than likely, when you and your spouse/ex-partner were together there were communication breakdowns or parenting style differences and you did not agree on how you should raise your children in every instance. In the guidebook section of this package I will show you how to resolve outstanding issues in a fair and equitable way which will help both of you to co-parent more effectively in the future. Also, having something in writing makes both parties more conscious of their agreements and more apt to follow through with their commitments without the expense of having to go back to court.

Remember, if you couldn't agree on how to parent your children when you were together, how will you agree when you're apart if you don't have some structure or guidelines (which are all included within your Parenting Plan)?

3. Team Approach. It’s much better for you and your ex-partner to make the important decisions regarding your children’s welfare. If you don't, you're basically asking a total stranger (your court appointed judge), who knows nothing about you or your kids to make decisions about your family and their lives. That's just plain crazy. You are their parents and only you should make the important decisions that will affect them so dramatically! With this in mind, the best way to use this Parenting Plan is for you and your ex-partner to sit down together as a team (if she is willing), and use it as a checklist. Ask for her input on each point, take good notes, revise the document - including any suggestions that you have agreed to - and you will soon have a completed Parenting Plan. This is by far the simplest, most sane approach to ending your divorce in a positive constructive way, and most importantly, it will reduce the stress and create a more stable transition for you and your children during a time of great disruption. And remember, you can always mediate disputed points to come up with alternatives that work for both of you.

  • Another point worth noting here: if your divorce is basically “uncontested,” meaning that you both want a divorce and you're in agreement with the issues at hand, now is the time to work out ALL the details of how you wish to raise your children - while you are still getting along. Often problems don’t come up until later, and if tensions run high, it can be almost impossible to resolve even the simplest issues without ending up in court. Having a solid parenting plan filed with the court will give you peace of mind knowing that the issues which could potentially come back to haunt you, are handled.

4. Potential Agreement with Your Ex-Partner. After you have customized this plan, taking into account the needs of your family, you can then present it to your ex-partner as a potential Parenting Agreement to be filed as part of your separation/divorce settlement.

5. File a Separate Parenting Plan. If your ex-partner will not work with you on a parenting agreement, you can submit your completed Parenting Plan to the court for the judge to review. When parents cannot come to an agreement, each one files a separate Parenting Plan. In this scenario, the judge will often select the one that is more complete, well thought-out, and takes all the important considerations into account. If you don't file one and your ex-partner does, the judge will most likely approve hers or, the judge may come up with one that neither of you are pleased with. If this happens, you will have to live with it. This is why it is so important to file a solid, carefully constructed plan of your own.

6. Preparation for Your Mediator or Attorney. Once you have completed this customizable Parenting Plan yourself, you can give it to your mediator or your attorney so that he or she is fully aware of your goals. If you give it to an attorney, s/he can add statutes and incorporate terminology specific to your state (if required). Having thought out all the issues will save many hours with your attorney thereby saving hundreds if not thousands – of dollars in fees.

7. Check List. Use this plan as a checklist to make sure you're including the essential points in your agreement. If your attorney has already drafted a Parenting Plan, you can then use it to ensure that these points are included.

8. Save Money by Filing Yourself. If your divorce is “uncontested” (both of you are in agreement on all the issues), or if you do not have enough money to hire an attorney you could file this Parenting Agreement along with your other divorce papers. Also know that your local county clerk may often be able to supply you with written guidelines (usually for a small fee) that can help in understanding how to file your paperwork, which in most states is a fairly simple procedure.

9. Working Parenting Plan. Since the points in this plan are written in a very simple and easy to understand manner, you will learn how to make changes or additions as needed, creating an actual Parenting Plan that can be filed with your local court.

10. If You Already Have an Existing Plan. Reading this document will give you clarity as to the points you might wish to add or include in an existing plan when the possibility arises, either in mediation, arbitration, or if you have to go to court. Once filed with the court, a Parenting Plan becomes a legal document and is not easy to change unless you and your ex are in agreement. If she is, it is just a simple formality of filing an addendum.

I had never realized how important something like this would be for the future of my children until I read this parenting plan guidebook. It answered all my questions about parenting time, child support, decision-making between me and my ex, what to do about school breaks and vacations, and lots of other important pieces to the divorce puzzle. By working out the details now I believe this will save our family a lot of stress in the future.

Dennis Bravin, California

Child Visitation Schedule

Parents who are angry at each other are notorious for interfering with the other’s parenting time. Many dads show up on time at their ex-partner’s home to pick up their child and no one is there. You wait and wait, but they don’t show. When we first split up my ex would schedule play-dates, sporting events, sleep-over's, and just about anything else she wanted during my parenting time and then notify me a day or two prior. Since my "first" attorney failed to include a point restricting the "interference of parenting" time in our original Parenting Agreement, it took costly legal action to put a stop to it.

Although the mother has no right to schedule events without your permission, it’s key to have this point written into your agreement so there is no question about it in the judges mind. By including a clause that requires reimbursement of any associated costs (including legal fees), she will think twice before interfering with your time.

If I’d had a clause like this in my original Parenting Agreement, my ex would have been liable for thousands of dollars in fees, or even more likely, she would never have attempted to play the games she played.

If your ex-partner violates this (or any other part of your agreement), I will show you how you can hold her in contempt of court! And, as the father of your children, I recommend that you do this immediately to gain her respect and put a stop to these unfair tactics where your child becomes the pawn and both of you suffer the consequences. My experience has been that the more you allow her to take advantage of you (by trying to be nice), the more she will.

I bought your parenting plan just to compare it to the one my attorney wrote. There were 7 points that were missing from his. Now that I have worked with your template, I feel like it's complete. Thank God I found your web site.”

Kevin Florence, Washington

Increases In Parenting Time

When your children are very young (ages 1 – 5) it may be difficult to get quality parenting time and the number of overnights you would like because the courts believe children this young need stability (rather than bouncing back and forth from home to home). Personally, I disagree with this if dad is capable of caring for and wants to raise his children in the early stages of their lives. Children need both parents regardless of age but this can be very hard to overcome the bias found in most courts. Most dads want to have more overnights as the kids grow up, which is totally fair and acceptable with the courts if your ex-partner doesn't “contest it.” But if she does, and this provision is included in your original Parenting Plan you will have a much greater chance of the court enforcing it, which is why it is critical to include this key provision right from the start! By adding this to your Parenting Plan now, it would force her to take legal action in order to overturn the existing agreement which is both costly and difficult, and may be enough to dissuade her or at least cause her to reconsider, saving thousands in attorney fees.

I specifically added this provision so you can avoid going back to court in the future just to increase parenting time. Including a point like this is the easiest, most effective way to achieve the most important goal that every loving father holds deep within him – to spend more quality time with his children as they get older.

Leaving out a critical point like this is one of the biggest mistakes most dads make which automatically lands in them in the courtroom battling for more overnights down the road. Some mothers will fight to the end to keep a child away from their father. (There could be any number of reasons for this, including revenge. Another factor that might motivate her is: in most states, the more overnights you have the less child support you pay and most mothers’s want more money every month not less.)

In your Parenting Plan I will show you how to include this provision which will guarantee you the best chance to be awarded an increase in parenting time when your child reaches a specific age! In most cases this will avoid having to go back to court and prove a "substantive change” in your situation (required in most states) and will instead automatically award you the additional overnights with your children when they reach the specific age outlined in the provision.

Whatever you do – don’t get screwed like I did!! After spending close to $1,000 for my attorney to draft my first parenting agreement not only did she leave out an automatic increase in parenting time, she never even suggested it! One would hope that a family attorney (with 20 years of law experience) would be conscious enough to include a consideration as important as this one, knowing how difficult it is for fathers to get more parenting time as their children grow.

Change is the one thing you can count on. Smart dads take this into account and design their Parenting Plans accordingly.

How Child Support Payments Will Be Made.

Child support payments can be made in different ways. Most states allow you to make a child-support payment directly to your ex-partner. In recent years, some states now require you to make your payments directly to a state agency.

Caution! NEVER, ever pay child support to your ex-partner directly! I can't tell you how many dads call me and say, "I can’t believe it, the judge is making me pay six months of child-support arrears even though I already paid her!" If she’s angry at you for any reason, she can easily claim that the payment was made late or she might even throw the check away and say that you never paid her (a common tactic used by a vindictive ex). Now she can haul you into court and claim that you have not been making your child support payments on time, which is a serious offense. The judge can then take away your drivers license, garnish your wages and your bank account, or even put you in jail. This is very common, and I know of a father who had been paying double the court ordered child support (in an attempt to help his ex-wife who was struggling financially) and was placed in jail for 30 days before he was even allowed to provide evidence to prove his innocence when his ex pulled this on him.

A friend of mine who had always paid his support on time found out that his ex had told his children that he had never paid any child support, alienating the children toward him which literally destroyed his relationship with his kids for many years afterwards because he did not keep any proof of payments. Don't let this happen to you!

NOTE: As part of your Parenting Plan package I will teach you how to make child support payments safely and securely which includes an unquestionable paper trail “without” having to use an agency!

If your ex insists that you make payments directly to a child support agency (now mandatory in a few states) who then reimburses her, which works fine unless you get behind for some unforeseeable reason. Most of these “collection agencies” do not care if you become unemployed, injured, disabled, or for any other reason fall behind in your payments. If you are late or cannot pay child support on time, they can be very aggressive in their collection methods. Their job is to collect the child support regardless of the circumstances. Avoid this method of payment if at all possible.

PSMost dads have a false belief that if their income goes down due to injury or loss of a job that their child support will automatically be reduced, but this is the furthest thing from the truth! I have seen fathers who just can’t find a job in their area who are told by the judge that they must “maintain the current amount of child support regardless of their employment situation.” If you are expecting to find compassion in the family court system – forget about it – it doesn’t exist! For this reason, I have included in your Parenting Plan a provision to protect you if you become unemployed or disabled!

This Downloadable Parenting Plan:

  • Includes 68 essential points and over 100 sub-points.
  • Offers simple explanations for each point with additional options.
  • Reveals many of the concerns or pitfalls every divorcing dad needs to know.
  • Is designed to help protect your rights as a caring father and those of your children as well.
  • Comes with a full, 60-day money back guarantee, if you're not totally satisfied.

Parenting Plan And Child Support Agreement

1.1 Legal Custody/Parental Responsibilities and Decision Making
1.2 Physical Custody/Shared Parenting

2.1 Day-To-Day Decisions
2.2 Cooperation and Respect
2.3 Resolution of Problems and Disputes
2.4 Non-Interference With Parenting Time
2.5 Transportation and Exchanges
2.6 Lateness
2.7 Cooperation on Co-Parenting
2.8 Non-Involvement
2.9 Social Activities and School functions
2.10 Daily Expenses
2.11 Other Expenses
2.12 Work Related Child Care
2.13 Illness
2.14 Change of Name

3.1 Overnights with (Youngest Child)
3.2 Additional Parenting Time
3.3 Overnights with (Oldest Child)
3.4 Additional Parenting Time
3.5 Increases in Parenting Time
3.6 Special Days
3.7 Annual Vacations
3.8 Holidays
3.9 Major Holidays
3.10 School Breaks
3.11 Summer Breaks
3.12 Make-Up Time
3.13 Temporary Adjustments

4.1. Payment for (youngest child)
4.2 Payment for (oldest child)
4.3 Annual Meeting to Determine Adjustments in Child support
4.4 How Child Support Payments Will be Made

5.1 School and Access to Records
5.2 College
5.3 Additional College Expenses
5.4 Special Education

6.1 Medical Decisions
6.2 Medical Appointment
6.3 Emergencies
6.4 Notification of Health Conditions and Treatment
6.5 Dental
6.6 Medications
6.7 Counseling

7.1 Medical Insurance and Expenses
7.2. Life Insurance
7.3. Auto Insurance

The Actual Parenting Plan Template Includes The Following Additional Sections:

13. GENERAL COVENANTS AND PROVISIONS 23 main points and 57 sub-points, all of which need to be addressed to protect your family's future.

By including these essential points in the Parenting Plan you file with the court (which by the way, becomes legally binding and your ex can be held in contempt if she fails to comply once it is with the court) you will avoid many problems which means NOT having to go through expensive litigation to resolve these issues in the future. The one promise I can make to you (besides the full 60 day money back guarantee) is that not only will this Parenting Plan Package pay for itself many times over, it will also give you the peace of mind you need to proceed in your divorce.

How would it feel to know that you educated yourself, prepared and executed, a Parenting Plan that truly takes into account the needs of your family, especially those of your children? This critical document gives YOU the power to decide how your children will be raised and NOT your court appointed judge. Don't ever make the mistake of turning your power over to a stranger!

In fact, I will teach you how to include a provision that will virtually eliminate the possibility of future litigation, simply and effectively. This is the one provision that attorneys do not want you to know about because you would no longer need them!

And remember, if just one idea in this package creates a strategic advantage for you and your children it will, without question save you money, but more importantly, you will spend less time dealing with your ex and the courts and more time enjoying your children!


A Parenting Plan Guide That Will Teach You How To:

  • Consider What Your Children Need First

  • Quickly Understand More About Child Custody Issues than 95% of Divorcing Dads

  • Save Money by Using One Attorney for Your Divorce

  • Resolve Stand Offs With Your Ex-Partner Through Negotiation

  • Avoid Costly and Stressful Courtroom Battles in the Future Altogether

  • Protect Yourself and Your Family

  • Use Mediation to Your Advantage (even if the mediator is incompetent)

  • Get Agreements In Writing and Filed With the Court

  • Edit and Customize Your Parenting Plan to Your Complete Satisfaction



You Will Also Receive:

  • A Sample Parenting Plan

  • Insider Guidelines to Assure You Come Out Ahead

  • My “Can You Handle Full Custody” Reality Check

  • Information on What the Courts WILL and Will NOT Accept

  • Links to Determine How Much Your Child Support Will Be

  • Access to a Tool That Will Track Every-time Your Ex Opens Your Emails



A Report You Can’t Be Without:

How To Select A Competent Family Attorney

If you do feel you need an attorney, finding the right one can be a daunting task unless you know where to look and the right questions to ask once you find one! Besides your Parenting Plan this is the other most crucial area of concern, especially if your ex-partner is attempting to deprive you of your custodial rights with your children. Most judges despise fathers who appear in their courtroom without an attorney. This is a sad and little known fact. And, if your ex-partner has an attorney and you don't - you will lose automatically by default (unless you have time to spend six months in your local law library)!

This Revealing 20 Page Report will teach you everything you need to know to assure that you will find a competent attorney who can help you win your case. You will learn how to:

  • Search In The Right Places To Find An Honest, Competent Attorney
  • Understand Body Language and Other Key Observations (That Will Tip You Off)
  • Weed Out The Good From The Bad
  • The Critical Questions to Ask When You Find One
  • Determine if the Attorney is Doing Their Job Properly Once You Have One
  • Specific Signs That Will Alert You to the Fact That You Are Being Cheated
  • Make Sure That YOU are in Charge of Your Case and NOT The Attorney

There Are Three Essential Things You Must Do As A Divorcing Parent:

  1. Educate Yourself,
  2. Prepare Yourself (avoiding potential mistakes) and,
  3. Do Everything Within Your Power to Get the Time You Deserve With Your Children!

So, Let Me Ask You...

Taking into consideration everything I've told you, what would you say this package is worth to a man who is serious about protecting his rights as a caring father and those of his children as well?

I've seen Attorneys that don't offer half as much as I'm offering you priced at $3,000 or more (yes, that much!), but I think they’re way out of line for most fathers who really need this information to create the best parenting plan possible to protect their rights. So instead of $3,000, or even $1,500, or even $1,000 – I've priced this package at the amazing low price of only $97.

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So You Only Pay $97

Why such a reasonable price - you might ask?

Because of the internet, we now have the technology to deliver this entire package to you instantly so you can download these documents and files directly to your computer.

This saves us tons on printing, shipping and handling costs, and all the headaches of staffing and payroll to deliver this Parenting Plan and all the Bonus Materials to you in a big box to your doorstep.

So instead of having to price our Parenting Plan package much higher, we’re passing these savings directly on to you.

You win and we win (as it should be, don't you agree?).

Remember, You Must Buy Now
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But, if you're still hesitant to invest a few bucks to protect your family's future then please take one minute to look at this situation through your children's eyes. All they want is to see their mommy and daddy happy because then they’re happy. If they’re young they will never understand divorce, custody battles, and all the rest of it. In their hearts, they're hoping that mom and dad will do the best they possibly can to look out for them through this emotional upheaval, because they're unable to. By checking out this Parenting Plan Package you'll have the opportunity to act in their behalf and give them a better chance of surviving this process with the least amount of harm. I hope you will take the time to look it over and consider just how valuable this information will be for all of you. Thanks for taking the time to read over this page!


Custody and Divorce Coaching Program Priority Application

Count me in, Eric! I’m ready, willing, and eager to protect my rights as a caring father and those of my children. When I Purchase your Parenting Plan Package, I will substantially increase my chances of establishing my paternal rights and getting the parenting time I deserve with my children.


I want to:

  • Keep my hard earned assets and cash for the benefit of my family rather than the legal system.
  • Minimize the potential for future conflict between myself and my ex-partner.
  • Avoid putting my family through a traumatic and expensive court battle down the road.
  • Gain access to Eric Karlson’s advice and expertise in developing your Parenting Plan, strategizing your divorce situation to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes many fathers make, and know that you have a professional to call on for feedback and emotional support!

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I wish you the best of luck in your divorce.

Eric Karlson, Divorce Coach

PS:  Still not sure? I understand. It’s true, you probably don't know me from Adam. But Phil Wittenberg, Jason Williams, Jim Kilcoyne, Dennis Bravin, Kevin Florence, and many, many other fathers do. And they’re all raving fans of my Parenting Plan for Fathers. They give it a great big 2 thumbs up! Anyway, what do you have to lose just for taking a look? Not one red cent. So, if you sit on your hands and do nothing, can you honestly say you and your kids will be better off?

PPS: Hockey great Wayne Gretzky once said, “100% of the shots you don’t take, don’t go in.”

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