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Divorce Coaching is a powerful solution to avoid common mistakes and make the best possible decisions for your family which will help you feel more...

In control
Focused and
Able to deal with life!!

The most difficult part of a divorce or custody dispute is to stay focused and on task. You still have to live, work, and take care of your children. Divorce and custody disputes can cause tremendous tension for any parent as it may jeopardize a father's rights. It can also be emotionally painful, disheartening and leave you feeling very alone. Now is the time to learn how to handle the stress and realize there is one thing you can control (maybe the most important one of all) how you react! How you respond to the events at hand is key to making the best decisions for your family and maximum progress in your new life.

At Divorce Coach For Dads our goal is to help you stay balanced and objective and achieve all of your outcomes.

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If you care about preserving your rights as a father and the rights of your children to have an open, loving relationship with their dad, then you must be proactive on all fronts and take action...

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Download your "Free Report" now and find out:

How to select a competent family attorney.

The critical questions to ask when you find one.

Ways to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

This customizable "Parenting Plan Template and Guidebook" (custody agreement) will teach you how:

To create a working agreement with your ex-spouse/partner that is designed to protect your rights as a father and the rights of your children as well.

A well-constructed Parenting Plan (Custody Agreement) can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and help you avoid a courtroom battle.

To feel at ease knowing you have included the "essential" points every Parenting Plan must have.

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Find out how personal Divorce Coaching can:

Help you stay centered so you make the right decisions for you and your family.

Give you the one-on-one guidance and emotional support every dad needs to weather the storm and achieve his outcomes.

Save you time, money, frustration, and possibly help to avoid a courtroom battle.

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"Eric has helped me get through a very difficult family separation and custody case. His objective based approach has had real, measurable, positive results, and has been central to helping me overcome major obstacles in our family's conflict. Most importantly, Eric has helped us (my ex too) stay focused on our son's well-being, which has proven to be an effective means reaching agreement. Eric's approach is positive, outcome based, and works."

Brian Kane, Boston

"You have a fantastic product! I just turned on the computer to continue working with the parenting plan template. I have never purchased information online before, and I will definitely say this was much better than I expected."

- Jim Kilcoyne, Nebraska

"Now this chapter in my life is changing yet again. And all thanks to you. For if I hadn't called you this would not be happening now. The anger that I carried inside from this divorce toward myself and everything else would have beaten me down even further without your help. I have made a conscious change of living and noticed a significant drop of negative energy inside to. Even others have said so. Thanks again Eric, without your guidance in helping me put all of the proverbial "demons" out of my life this would not be. Not just for my family but even more so for my own well being."

- Nick Manzanick, California

"Eric helped me understand important parenting documents when I felt totally overwhelmed and at a loss for what to do.He gave practical and creative suggestions on how to resolve parenting time issues with my ex-husband. Eric also pointed out that my attorney didn't seem to be acting on my behalf and then he referred me to an attorney who has not only been both honest and competent, but turned this case around in my favor. Most importantly, Eric has always been right there to support me through all the ups and downs, the most challenging time in my life."

- Genevive Tham, Colorado

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